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MIA KYANA Reviewed on: 06-Aug-2018

My niece's wedding was scheduled for the 27th July but a month to the wedding she settled for six peach floor length dresses for her bridesmaids. A down payment for four dresses was made and the other two were to be paid for on the eve of the wedding considering that is when the shop was willing to release the dresses to us. Three weeks to the wedding the bridesmaids were called back to fit in their dresses. Measurements were taken and affirmation was given that all was well. Two weeks to the wedding the bridesmaids were again called back to fit in their dresses with an excuse that their names had to be indicated per dress. Now meanwhile...Another entourage whose wedding was scheduled for 28th July had spotted the same dresses and were willing to pay a higher price for them. An insider, concerned for our misfortune called one of the bridesmaids and alerted her. But with the many routes to the bridal shop and forth we did not panic and put our confidence in Lady Scarlett. Now on the eve of the wedding...Nails done and hair braided,I personally came to pay up and pick the dresses only to be told that one of Lady Scarlett's maidens had mistakenly given our dresses to an entourage whose wedding was going to be in Congo. She further pitched in on how things happen for a reason and I quote "May be the wedding was not supposed to happen. " Calm and composed...I called the lady under whose names we had booked the dresses because honestly that was unprofessional and diminishing for one to say without putting in mind what they had done. Gladly...The maiden shared with me the contact for the "Congolese woman" who supposedly was in a rush to get to the bus which was heading to Congo. We called the number to no avail until I was later tried the metron to be's contact to help us intervene in trying to reach the lady with the dresses. Shocker...She did not know the lady's name and conveniently the contacts for people she was travelling with were also switched off. 1. It was very impolite for Lady Scarlett to speak so demonically towards a client's function. No bride should be put in a position of thinking her wedding goes against life's forces. Keep your opinions to yourself. 2. What kind of business are you running if your maidens are this clumsy not to check if the product is in check and all contents are the right ones. Need I mention...I was specifically measured by that very maiden and our names were written on the dresses. 3. This should be top priority...You do not give out your clients details to random claimants. That is unprofessional of any service provider to do...It not only makes matters worse but also shows atmost incompetence. Manage the situation yourself. Refund if need be but never allow the claimant to incur extra costs on airtime, transport, time, emotions for and on behalf of your inefficiency. 4. Tell the truth...One lie takes another lie to stay covered up. Just be honest and let the chips fall where they may. But for you to not only avail a wrong number; dumbly your very own, but also sit clients at your shop till lock down time and still lie with a straight face is just bogus. There is more to this story and it would take a whole day narrating the terrible experience but honestly speaking Scarlett Bridals is bad for business. Incurred time, Money, Distress and sweat all added up can not give you a summation.

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