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A step-by-step guide to all your wedding to-dos so you never miss a thing!

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You can edit or create new tasks, make notes and, if you like, share your progress with your facebook friends.

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Your wedding, your checklist to-dos. Edit a task name, due date and notes to make it your own. Or easily add new items as you go to keep all your wedding checklist to-dos in one place!

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We’ve made a list of wedding tasks most couples will do for their dream day. You can import the list, edit and add tasks for your own personal wedding to-do list.

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A comprehensive wedding checklist is one of the most valuable tools you can utilize. Wrapping your mind around the myriad of tasks involved in the wedding planning process can seem like an incredibly daunting task. However, at mikolo.com we have put our considerable planning experience into creating the ultimate wedding checklists. Track your progress, manage your tasks, organize your to-do's and delegate responsibilities all within the easy-to-use mikolo.com system.

Are you playing the role of wedding planner? Take a look at the wedding planner checklist available to you right here. Our wedding planning checklist will ensure that you maintain your sanity instead of creating an insane situation.

Consider this: How many wedding lists are there? There's the wedding party checklist, the guest wedding checklist, the Guestlist, the vendor Manager, and the list of lists goes on. How in the world are you supposed to keep it all straight? Answer: The mikolo.com wedding planning checklist.

Please utilize our wedding checklist to stay on top of every task. We guarantee that it will not only keep you on target, but will relieve you of that feeling that perhaps there may be something that you have forgotten. By keeping your wedding checklist dialed in, you allow the enjoyment of the process to begin.

Your wedding checklist will help you keep up with your appointments, help you stay on track with your vendors, coordinate your helpers, all while keeping a continuous record of what has been accomplished and what remains to be done. Approaching a wedding without wedding checklists is like trying to sew a dress without a pattern. It's just not going to turn out very pretty.

Getting started on your wedding checklist couldn't be easier. Simply set up your account and review the preformatted checklist that we have created for you. Then simply remove any tasks that don't fit your personal vision and add any tasks necessary to make your wedding dreams come true!

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