What Should a Graduate Do for Survival?

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  • James Alina 1 year ago

    You must have noticed that many graduates nowadays are often unemployed in spite of having studied at such prestigious universities. It almost feels as if all their years and money have gone down the drain, leaving them under more debt. 

    Since universities have not performed a good job in making sure that students become entrepreneurs or independent, students have no choice but to make use of their skills and knowledge in another way. In fact, you will find that many of them are working as cheap dissertation writing services UK based to make ends meet while they go on for their job searches. 

    Many may jump to the bandwagon and start criticizing them, but before doing so, they should ask themselves, ‘What have I done to help them?” If you have done nothing, then it is best to shut up.


  • Blade Ron 1 year ago

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  • Monika Jacob 1 year ago

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