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    The health care industry has been changing all the time to provide and accommodate new treatments integrated with state of the art technology. In today’s world of advancement medical industry is being changed like never before. Owing to the continuous growth of internet and prevalence of modern gadgets. Health care industry has seen a massive shift in providing and delivering patient care. Telehealth services and an access to online physicians to provide medical consultancy are flourishing. Doctorsforhealth, UK based firm is considered to be one of the companies in the world which provides access to online medical consultancy all over the world. It is an online platform responsible for providing online medical consultation followed by video, face to face and telephonic services more efficiently and effectively.


    The company has secured a strong foothold in the online market and individuals are more inclined towards the use of this online medical service. Doctorsforhealth has utilised the use of modern technology through innovative digital tools which has resulted the company to offer numerous advantages for both patients and medical practitioners including comfort, accessibility, cost savings with enhanced privacy and communication. The significant benefit of is for the patients with a number of medical needs originating from different areas or from different countries across the world. provides geographical closeness.


    There is a scope for patients residing in Pakistan to find an easy means of communication with doctors and seek advice from medical practitioners using doctorsforhealth platform. Online medical consultation has become a benefit for people living in Pakistan. Through the use of this platform, patients from Pakistan can chat directly with doctors and doctors can assist patients with queries through a video call. In addition, it has benefitted people from both the urban and rural areas. Doctorsforhealth has been very helpful for the people who are living in remote or northern areas in Pakistan. Since there’s a less chance for doctors to reach those areas. As a result, doctorsforhealth becomes an important digital platform to provide ehealth services.


    Doctorsforhealth, plays a key role in the online medical consultation. Privacy is another important factor of this platform. It further provides online consultation through the use of mobile apps and maintains a digital record for patients’ reports. It provides a cost effective online medical consultancy. It is said to be a very economical for the patients who require regular doctor visits. People from Pakistan irrespective of their location can get qualitative medical advice, treatment and diagnosis under one umbrella.


    Doctorsforhealth provides potential increase in a positive and knowledgeable engagement between patients and medical consultations regarding the health care decisions. At the same time, it has a positive impact on the co-creation of patient’s value during the process of online medical treatment which in turn promotes the positive and effective means of interaction between medical practitioners and patients during the process of clinical treatment and sharing of information, in order to improve the patient’s compliance for treatment with proper medical guidance is considered to be epitome for patient’s trust in doctors.


    Through the use of this platform, medical practitioners share and convey the professional knowledge with patients by providing online diagnosis of disease to solve the health problems of patients. This helps to create and deepen the possibility of developing good professional relationship between them and satisfy patients with the process of treatment medical practitioner offers. Thus, has brought an excellence in the health sector. It has changed the lives of many through the online medical care service. For the chronically ill patients, or a follow up examination, even a medical consultation, seeing doctors online seems to be a great option for people all over the world.


    This platform provides various perks to the patients for online consultation. One of the greatest perks it provides is the availability of doctors round the clock. Patient can avail the medical consultation irrespective of time and effort. With the help of this platform patients are not required to wait too long for hours to get online consultancy. Doctorsforhealth has made it very convenient and time saving for the patients. Besides this, it maintains the high level of confidence and security in record keeping of patients it provides an option to patients to report their problems in complete privacy. This as a result, gives relief to the patients who need advice for mental conditions. This platform encourages and keeps the secrecy of patient’s records.  


    Thus, there has been a paradigm shift from provider centred to patient centred health care.  Online medical and healthcare services are expanding and growing their business at a rapid pace across the world with many benefits such as cost modality and geographical cover. Doctorsforhealth is one of them which provides an online medical audio and video consultation that allows interaction between a doctor and patient in a real time. It also aims to provide virtual healthcare thereby focusing on comfort and convenience it offers to the patients and obviates hurdles to efficiency and access. Doctors for health is not just a platform it is a mean to revolutionize the healthcare industry.


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