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  • Bob Black 4 months ago

     Hey there, fellow forum explorers! I hope you're enjoying your journey through the world of google sheets. I have a question that's been on my mind and would appreciate any insights you can offer. Can I merge cells horizontally in Google Sheets? What happens to the content of merged cells in Google Sheets? Can I unmerge cells in Google Sheets?

  • Grem Wallker 4 months ago

    Yes, you can merge cells horizontally in Google Sheets. When you merge cells, the content of the leftmost cell will be retained and the content of the other cells will be deleted. How to merge cells in google sheets? Select the cells you want to merge, right-click, and select Merge Cells. To unmerge cells, select the merged cells, right-click, and select Unmerge Cells. This will restore the content of the cells to their original state before the merge. Hope this helps!

  • Bob Black 4 months ago

    Thank you very much. You have fully answered all my questions. I am very grateful to you for that!

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