Why Christian Marriages fail?

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  • James Kayindi 1 year ago

    1. Too much prayer without wisdom.
    2. Your spouse wants a romantic dinner; you pray against the spirit of extravagance.
    3. Your spouse wants a holiday once in a while; you pray against spirit of worldly pleasures.
    4. Your spouse wants a kiss each time you meet after a long day; you pray against lust of the flesh.
    5. Your spouse wants a romantic night with you; you are busy fasting and praying for a church event.
    6. Your husband wants you to show him some respect especially in public; you call it pride and pray for the spirit of humility to come upon him.
    7. Your wife wants compliments and small gifts; you pray against the spirit of selfishness.
    8. Your spouse desires something from you to be happy; you invent a spirit that doesn't exist and pray against it.

    Then you wonder why your Christian marriage is failing.


    PRAYER IS GOOD BUT DON'T USE PRAYER WHERE YOU SHOULD USE WISDOM. And it shall be well with you and your marriage.


    Your views and thoughts about this..

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