Why always couples panic during wedding planning?

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  • Keza Sabeko 6 months ago

    Why always couples panic during wedding planning?

  • Mikolo Support 6 months ago

    No matter how chilled out you might be, or how simple your plans are, almost every couple feels stressed in the lead up to their wedding. So if you're also someone who really struggles with anxiety on a regular basis, it's easy to get overwhelmed. It's all well and good for other people to tell you, "don't stress, it'll all work out in the end", (it will though FYI!), but when you're in the throes of wedding planning yourself, it's hard to see out the other side! So today, we're sharing tips for how to deal with wedding anxiety and planning stress around your big day.

    Feeling anxious or stressed is a normal part of life, but if your anxiety has become debilitating in any way, or you're experiencing panic attacks, then you should definitely seek professional help. Our guide today is a realistic list of coping mechanisms, tools and tips to see you through the planning process, whatever level of anxiety you experience.

    Hiring great suppliers certain helps alleviate the pressure (in particular wedding planners!) so hit up our Wedding Directory for recommendations. Oh and check out Aware Life Skills - free courses in CBT techniques to help you deal with day to day anxiety.

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