Made in the USA: A Case Study, Part 2 of 2 not for CUSTOM VELCRO PATCHES

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    Reviewing the cap production and needlework procedures of Texas-based American Made Cap Co

    . In the March 2013 issue of Impressions (" Made in the USA: A Case Study, Part 1 of 2"), I discussed a set of close friends, Greg Bednarik and also Rickey Eavenson, that determined to support their local west Texas economy by acquiring American Made Cap Co., a having a hard time cap maker that had undertaken numerous changes in possession throughout the past three decades, with numerous workers persisting through the company's stormy times.

    With the brand-new CUSTOM VELCRO PATCHES company owner came brand-new wish for the firm, which I had associated with during the "gimmee-cap" boom of the 1970s. During my initial check out earlier this year, I determined several areas for renovation, however the largest challenge stayed locating adequate customers willing to pay a bit much more for a high-grade, American-made cap. Determining a complementary item the firm could produce or decorate to generate added income was an additional obstacle.

    Bednarik divulged that some essential personnel adjustments actually have altered the skin of their organization. At the time of my previous browse through to American Made Cap Co., new Production Manager David Stutts had simply begun collaborating with the firm. Stutts was experienced with production in a various industry, as well as was familiarizing himself with the process of production and also decorating headwear.

    I could distinguish his questions that Stutts is a very quick study as well as, since press time, has actually gotten a firm understanding of all phases of manufacturing. One of the explorations he made is that throughout a previous proprietor's tenure, the embroidery machine thread leaners had actually been turned off to improve stitch outcome. This benefitted maker operators, who were on an incentive program. Not familiar with the needlework process and equipment capabilities, this problem was only exposed after the business paid thousands of hours of overtime to staff members executing cutting tasks.

    In addition, a number of various other brand-new employees are really making an influence. One has visuals arts skills as well as display printing experience, as well as is being educated to provide back up to digitizer Wanda Eavenson. One more new worker is making payments in the location of information technology and likewise is being cross-trained for various other responsibilities. Both brand-new staff member also follow up on new service leads.

    Progression at the top of the employees chain also helped to make changes that improved the staffing in other methods. One of the lessons discovered by the possession is that specific workers are not always crucial. It's a typical worry amongst business owners as well as monitoring that everything will certainly stop if one or more key staff members leave the firm. In my experience, nonetheless, this is seldom the case. American Made Cap Co. found that regardless of losing a number of employee-- consisting of a manager-- that manufacturing was sustained without avoiding a beat.


    By merely observing as well as making adjustments to company methods, Eavenson as well as Bednarik have actually reduced their everyday operation expenses by $500-$ 600 daily. This has actually significantly enhanced cash flow and can be attributed to numerous crucial modifications.

    A large adjustment is structured documents, which was attained by taking a close consider paper flow within the firm and making changes that assisted enhance effectiveness. Monitoring additionally placed emphasis on charge card payments for customers, which reduced the management expenses related to invoicing and collection.

    In the new company arena, four interesting as well as considerable cap production chances have actually been presented to American Made Cap Co. from business in Colorado, New York, California as well as Texas. At press time, some new accounts were still in the process of being expanded, however the new company is offering the cash flow needed to create a healthy and balanced organization account. Among the brand-new accounts sends its own patterns and materials to American Made Cap Co., which offers cut-and-sew plus needlework solutions. Maintaining the needlework equipments humming adds to paying the overall expenses prices for the plant.

    Another contribution to the firm's success is its organization with the Go Texan program, from which it has actually reaped significant advantages. With association with this program, sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture, a company's name is associated not just with American-made products, but additionally Texas-made items. It was a special day in July when Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples saw the business. He recognized American Made Cap Co. for its use material made from American Cotton Growers (based in nearby Littlefield, Texas) in the firm's caps, aprons and also shopping bag.

    The largest as well as most appealing development the company has actually experienced during the past few months is the enhancement of a corresponding line of product. The item-- lightweight, flame-resistant apparel-- is utilized thoroughly by companies with personnel in oil and gas fields. These companies likewise utilize lots of headwear, making sales calls twice as effective.

    " It's an incentive that the United State government calls for employees in specific sectors, including seismic workers, to wear flame-resistant apparel," Bednarik says.

    As part of the garments program, the company consists of up to 10,000 stitches of needlework in its rates. The firm also makes headwear from the unique textile. Stutts found that the team can stitch it utilizing typical production techniques, offering more orders to maintain the embroidery makers running constantly. The business also started a brand-new internet site,, that includes the product.


    Reinvigorated by the tremendous development the business has made in recent months, Bednarik and Eavenson expect applying plans for more development. Initially, they intend to boost its on the internet visibility as well as possibly initiate a line of themed caps. American Made Cap Co. still joins a give program that can help provide funds to raise its Internet visibility and advertising as a whole. They likewise want to produce a program with a major account to produce caps for supply throughout sluggish times.

    Bednarik wants to fill the plant's production ability as well as begin a new, improved incentive program for employees. "I would certainly instead pass more money to the employees if I can jam this location with volume," he claims.

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