What should I do if I get stuck in an Epson printer won’t feed paper issue?

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  • Corrz baron 4 days ago

    Are you stuck in an Epson printer paper feed problems? You can try the remedy that we will be giving you:

    ·        If you can’t insert the paper easily then you should straighten it out and then try

    ·        If the paper fails to feed into the sheet feeder then remove the paper and fan the edges to detach the sheets. Reload paper against the right side and slide the edge guide alongside it. Don’t load too many sheets together in the sheet feeder and ensure that the product cover has been closed

    ·        If you are using a sheet feeder then don’t load the paper above the arrow point that you will see on the left edge guide. You should put only one compatible paper when you use the front manual feed tray

  • Fleming Isobel 3 days ago

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