Things to Keep in Mind When Ending Your Chapters.

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  • Audrin Hazel 1 week ago

    When a reader completes a chapter, they have the option to put your book down.

    Don't allow them to get away with it.

    You want them to stay up until 3 a.m. even if they have work the next day because that's the kind of reading experience they'll brag about to their friends. This is a book that you must read.

    So, how do the finest authors pull it off? Take a peek around. The book advertisement experts have come up with a list of 12 methods to discourage readers from grabbing a bookmark and shutting out the light.

    Finally, if you're searching for a general method to conclude a book or tale, check out my piece on how to write the ideal conclusion. Today, though, we'll only look at how to conclude a chapter.

    ·         It's a Beautiful Cliffhanger.

    ·         Pose a query.

    ·         Make an entrance.

    ·         Make a description of your work.

    ·         Make a mystery out of it.

    ·         Use the words "surprise" and "revelation."

    ·         Make a joke.

    ·         Contribute to the theme.

    ·         Make a wise suggestion.

    ·         Provide for the growth of characters.

    ·         The subtext is a fun game to play.


    ·         Please don't give it too much thought.

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