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  • Linecker Gary 1 month ago

    Hello, I want to change my mobile operator. Which mobile operator with a good connection would you recommend to choose?

  • Werner Timo 1 month ago

    Hello everybody. If you're looking for a data plan for any type of cell phone, I highly recommend you give Cricket Wireless a try. Currently, their cheapest plan gives you unlimited calls, unlimited text messages, and 2GB of high speed data for $ 30 a month. After you use up your high speed data, it will slow down, but you will never be disconnected. This is amazing because their website ensures that your phone will always work 100% of the time, no matter how much or how little you use it. Сricket Wireless operates over the AT&T cellular network, so you get great coverage virtually no matter where you are. I have been using Cricket Wireless for over a year now and their service is getting better and better.

  • Kennedy stewart 3 weeks ago

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