The season in European basketball is gradually approaching

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  • Karimova Ziyoda 1 month ago

    The season in European basketball is gradually coming to an end. CSKA, sport  despite the severe injury of its key center Nikola Milutinov, is still doing an excellent job with the tasks. The team is in second place in the VTB United League and Euroleague (and now it will secure a place in the playoffs). In such a situation, it would seem that the team should be in high spirits and rally for a common goal ... But, it seems, within the team, far from idyll. This is evidenced by the disagreements between the head coach Dimitris Itoudis (won two Euroleague with the team) and the main star of the team Mike James (so far he has not won anything with the Moscow club). On Monday, the American was suspended from the team's games (the number of matches was not specified). The decision was made personally by Itoudis, according to the official website of the army team. This news is no longer surprising. James is out of the squad for the third time in five months.

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