How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

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  • Hugo pont 1 month ago

    Instagram Stories allow users to share what they are currently doing, and story posters can see who has viewed their stories. If a person gives you access to their Instagram story, they won't have a problem if you see it.

    However, you may not want your name to appear on the viewer list for any reason. We've compiled a list of useful ways to view Instagram Stories anonymously.

    View anonymous Instagram stories with airplane mode

    Top stories are preloaded so users can view them instantly after opening the app. To preload a specific user's story, you can open their profile and wait a few seconds.

    Then put your phone in airplane mode and click your profile picture to play the story. Without any connection you can view History and it will not update your name. However, the views can be updated as soon as you connect your phone to the internet.

    There is also the possibility of losing connection in the middle of viewing Stories. Instagram may not be able to preload all Stories, especially if the user has uploaded more than one.

    use another Instagram account to view stories without the user knowing

    The most effective way to view and take screenshots. Instagram Stories without having your name on the list means using another account. If the user doesn't recognize that account, they won't know who viewed the story.

    It is possible to view Stories from another ID if the account is public. However, if the user has a private account, you must follow it before gaining access.

    Use Instagram (IG) Story Viewer Apps

    Stories on social media have grown in popularity in recent years. Thanks to this popularity, several third-party apps have emerged that allow you to view stories anonymously. They gain access to your data, which poses risks of security threats, something to keep in mind.

    Two of these applications are:

    InstaStoriesViewer -

    Igsaved -

    These apps only allow you to view stories from public accounts. Most Android versions are free, but there are in-app purchases for iPhone that will help you view Instagram Stories anonymously.

    You can use an IG story viewer to view public stories and download them. Some versions also come with a profile picture downloader.

    Keep things discreet and anonymous

    Instagram comes with the Story feature, but sometimes people don't want the story owner to see their name in the viewer list.

    In the guide above, we explore three ways to view Instagram Stories anonymously. These methods allow you to view IG Stories without users knowing. The method you choose depends on your comfort level and confidence in the method.

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