He’s messy, and I’m not.

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  • Tasha Murungi 3 years ago

    He’s very messy. I’m very clean. We love each other, but living together is not easy. We both work all day, but I’m the one coming home and cleaning! 

    I’ve relaxed on some OCD things I do like color coding my closet or putting dishes in the dishwasher in a certain way. So it’s not like I’m asking him to do ridiculous, over the top tasks. All I ask is that the dishwasher gets loaded!

    Yes, we’ve talked about it REPEATEDLY. Yes, I’ve lost my temper (which obv doesn’t work). He is a kind hearted, hardworking Christian man. He is good to me in every way, but if I have to pick up the clothes he threw on the ground next to the hamper instead of in the hamper, I’m going to send him back to his mother!!!
    I really hate the “boys will be boys” thing some women tell me. Basically saying I should just suck it up and deal with it for the rest of my life. 
    Ladies, how are you dealing with living with your new roommate? How do I deal with mine?

  • Nathan McCarthy 1 year ago

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  • Khatri Aftab 1 year ago

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  • Bear kevin 10 months ago

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  • Black Mr 8 months ago

    Like an old hypothesis of a dissertation says, try to stop doing this job for him. Clean your own stuff, leave his dishes, stop washing his clothes. If he's okay with living in a mess, you can divide the room and set the rules for each part.

  • Culas Conor 8 months ago

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  • Root Alice 7 months ago

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