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    We all want our home to look modern and make our lifestyle simpler. In that sense, one of the characteristics that can make a big change in an apartment in Lima are the motion sensors for light at home. A few years ago, such devices seemed very expensive and exclusive.

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    However, now they are not only very easy to find, but they are quite accessible. Maybe you never considered installing these types of technological accessories in your home. Well, in the following article we will explain what are the advantages of the light motion sensor at home.

    What are motion sensor lights?

    These are devices that have a small electronic eye, which detects the movement of people and objects when their field of vision is within the field. These are the sensors that link to the lighting fixtures.

    The lights at home will then turn on and stay on either for a preset period of time or until the sensor stops sensing movement in the room. Likewise, there are also daylight sensors, which will illuminate the room automatically when they stop detecting the sun's rays.

    Light Motion Sensor Benefits

    In interior spaces, the light movement sensors offer multiple advantages, for example, the decoration with lighting of apartments and houses. Some other benefits are as follows:

    1.- Saving energy and money

    Without a doubt, the first benefit that jumps out is the great savings it offers. For the sake of the environment and your monthly bills, the motion sensor for light can be a great help. When light fixtures stay on all night, a lot of resources are wasted, causing the bulbs to wear out quickly.

    After relatively small installation costs, the sensors can save you a lot of money. After all, there is no longer a need to keep the lights always on. Activating these devices will save hundreds of hours of use each year and extend the life of your lighting fixtures.

    2.- Increase security

    In general, friends of others search for the most vulnerable houses, carry out their criminal activities under the cover of darkness and when they are seen, they escape. In this context, a property that has poor or deficient lighting is more exposed.

    If you use lights that stay on all night, criminals could know which areas are well lit and which are in the shadows. However, if the lights come on automatically every time someone approaches, it can deter potential intruders in your home.

    3.- They are always ready to help you

    Many times we come home from the supermarket or a mall with our hands full. So it is very difficult to remove the keys to open the door or approach the switch to turn on the light. The sensors will automatically turn it on for you every time you arrive and give you that much-needed extra help in those kinds of situations.

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    How to choose the right sensor?

    Today, you will have no trouble finding endless motion sensors for different lights. Selecting the appropriate alternative will depend on your needs, as well as your energy requirements. The following are the main alternatives you should consider:

    • The occupancy sensors are devices that automatically turn on when a person enters the room and switched off when this remains unoccupied.

    • The sensors vacancy must be turned on manually, but turn off the lights when people leave the room.

    • The sensors dimming or dimming models that are available in occupancy or vacancy can light up your preferred level of illumination.

    To add an extra touch of security to homes, light sensors can be placed near any access point such as the front entrance, garage door, fences (if any) and sections where plants obstruct the view. Installation with a professional service usually does not take long. You can buy the devices and have them installed the same day.

    You should keep in mind that the motion sensors for outdoor lights must be installed in the proper position. For example, in the case of apartment buildings, these can be placed in areas such as the entrances to the building, the entrance hall, the stairs, the corridors, the common areas, etc.

    Now you know the reasons why you should opt for the installation of light with motion sensor at home. They are not very expensive accessories and they offer you many benefits. They will undoubtedly help you achieve a big change in your lifestyle!

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